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  • What are our New Labs?
    Homeopathic laboratory solids There are about 1300 starting substances in our dilution library with which, with manual dynamization, the technician prepares the recipes of local doctors and those sent to us by fax and e-mail from many areas of Italy and abroad every day . After a careful analysis of the homeopathic market we came to the conclusion that the prices of homeopathic products, with production in pharmacies, could be greatly reduced for the consumer and this is how after four years of work we can boast of being able to supply granules, globules, (in lactose and not) triturations, microgranules, capsules, Bach flowers in granules which cost about 50% less than industrial products.​​Chemical-phytotherapeutic laboratory for capsulesIt supplies a vast range of substances (dry extracts, vegetable powders, chemical substances) and has always been active and attentive to the new ones placed on the market, mainly on plants in order to provide valid formulation and technical support to doctors and patients. It makes use of the possibility of making capsules in various formats and also vegetable capsules for people intolerant to traditional wrappers. Phytotherapy laboratory for liquids and creamsIt grows in collaboration with the solid homeopathic one, providing liquid homeopathic preparations (also in physiological solution for the little ones or the alcohol intolerant), mother tinctures, glyceric macerates, fluid extracts, essential oils, syrups, tinctures and Bach flowers. It also prepares solid homeopathic preparations such as suppositories, ovules and creams and traditional preparations such as ointments, lotions, ointments, soaps, etc. Thanks to our experience in the production of cosmetics, we have a wide range of cosmetic formulations that allow us to offer a line, PHASE, without fragrance with highly concentrated vegetable active ingredients.​​Herbal laboratoryWith the presence of more than one hundred loose references, we are able to prepare many impromptu requests from the sector or propose our own proven formulas.
  • How do our shipments work?
    Shipping of liquids or particularly heavy or bulky productsIn the case of orders for liquid products (mineral water, hydrogen peroxide, milk, physiological solution, pasta, underpads, diapers, etc.), the Goso Pharmacy reserves the right to call the user at the address indicated at the time of the order or to write to him at 'email address indicated to notify any adjustments to the shipping costs. Shipping of temperature-controlled productsIn the case of orders for products at a controlled temperature (from 2 to 8 degrees), we inform customers that our shipments do not travel in refrigerated trucks, therefore the cold chain is not guaranteed All products purchased on will be shipped from the Goso Pharmacy located in Via Col. Aprosio 466, 18019 VALLECROSIA (IM). Shipments will be made with GLS express courier, the shipping time varies from 24 to 72 hours from the shipment of the order. Deliveries are made from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays, Saturdays and Sundays. In the case of payment by bank transfer, the order is processed only when the payment is credited (therefore delivery times may be subject to delays). The pharmacy undertakes to promptly notify the buyer of stock errors or difficulties in finding products that are no longer on the market or out of stock; in this case he undertakes to return the entire amount received. Shipping costs for Italy: - Orders under €150: Shipping costs €5.10 - Orders on delivery: €10 - Orders over €150: FREE Shipping Cash on delivery (payment on delivery) does not include a supplement International shipping - International shipping Air shipment will be made with GLS express courier (Delivery times: 5-7 days)Shipping costs vary from 12.50 to 41.20 based on the country of destination. The details of the costs can be viewed on the checkout page. Before making the purchase it is possible to check the amount of the shipment. By accessing the cart and clicking on view the cart, it is possible to calculate the shipping costs. For international shipments the cost is related to a shipment weighing no more than 3kg. For weights over 3kg, the Goso Pharmacy reserves the right to request a supplement after the order. For this reason it is preferable to send an email to or for more information on rates based on personal needs. We offer our customers the opportunity to collect their order at our pharmacy in Vallecrosia from Monday to Sunday at the following times: 8.30am - 12.30pm and 2.30pm - 7.30pm. Orders can only be collected 24 hours after placing them. In case of request for an invoice and/or "talking" receipt, please specify in the order notes with the necessary data. This data can be entered by registering on the website, however in case of a guest purchase this method can be used.The receipt and/or invoice must be requested when issuing the order, it is not possible for us to issue it after the order has been processed as we transfer the fees to the revenue agency on a daily basis.
  • What preparations can we prepare at the doctor's request?
    Granules and doses (in lactose or sucrose) Dilutions in alcohol or saline Microgranules and triturations Homeopathic capsules Homeopathic tablets Suppositories and ovules Creams and cosmetic, allopathic, homeopathic products More than 150 blends of mother tinctures (TM), glyceric macerates (MG) and fluid extracts (EF) Blends of trace elements Organotherapy blends Tester vials for bioelectronic equipment (201 single tests + 46 test mixes), preparations with Bach flowers, Californian and Australian Syrups with homeopathic and phytotherapeutic medicines Herbal preparations for herbal teas A dilution library with more than 1300 strains from 3/4/5CH to 30CH and, upon request, up to 200CH, K and MK
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